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Why Choose Urdu Quran Academy?

A choice that makes the difference.

24/7 Availability

The Urdu Quran Academy is available 24/7 for you to learn your Quran with Qirat, Tajweed, and Tafseer. Availability at every time is convenient for all students who go to school or work. We can provide lessons in the morning, afternoon, or night. It all depends on your schedule because your learning is more compatible with your routine.

Backup Teachers

The Urdu Quran Academy has a group of versatile and competent teachers. You will never over-depend on one teacher because we always have a backup ready. Any instructor that you do not understand or a missing teacher can be replaced easily. Our supplementary teachers are as good as the regular ones.

Online Management System

The Urdu Quran Academy has an online schooling system where we manage the whole network via the Internet. You can manage your schedules using the online portal. We also provide you with a lecture completion check on our online platform. You can submit your fee and file complaints regarding any flaw in the schooling pattern. Your privacy is never at risk, as our security protocol ensures confidentiality.

Monthly Progress Reports

Urdu Quran Academy's management gives you the luxury of knowing where you stand. A monthly progress report is generated where you can compare the planned lessons to your actual output. This progress report is an ideal indicator of how the student and the teacher perform.

Multilingual Instructors

Urdu Quran Academy has multilingual expert teachers from versatile cultural backgrounds. We have stuck to our core strength which is the Arabic language. However, our staff also has a firm command of other languages (each language being entirely subjective to every student). You can learn detailed aspects of the Arabic language, such as the implicit meanings, correct pronunciations, and grammatical technicalities. Our teachers can link each aspect to other non-Arabic languages as well.

Personalized Classes

We try to fulfill the needs of all our students individually at the Urdu Quran Academy. All the lectures are one-on-one with trained and qualified teachers. We also ensure that the teachers have the same gender as the students to avoid inconvenience.

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    Urdu Quran Academy - Learn Quran Online

    Online Quran Classes for kids and Adults

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    Academic organizations usually do not provide trial classes due to copyrights and piracy prevention protocols. However, we provide you with trial lectures to let you know the pattern that each teacher follows. The Urdu Quran Academy has high confidence in its teachers. The final goal of each instructor is to teach you the Quran based on strict linguistic principles. Patterns followed by each teacher might vary, so you can use the trial lessons to check the one that suits you. The teaching methodology in the trial lessons is consistently maintained throughout the course.

    The Urdu Quran Academy aims to keep Quranic education affordable so that every person can get access to the online portal for a negligible amount. We offer our Quranic courses for 39 dollars per month. You will get a couple of 30-minute lectures per week. You must take the trial to opt for the best teacher. Once you have made the decision, select the number of lectures you can take per week.

    The staff at Urdu Quran Academy is well qualified and trained to groom the students and guide them towards the right path. We recruit graduates from universities, including Qari, Hafiz, and Alim. Every student can benefit from the specialty of each tutor. The Urdu Quran Academy management prefers piety over academic achievements. All our instructors have no criminal record or a history of moral misconduct.

    We know that many Muslim sisters need a female tutor to teach them the Quran. The Urdu Quran Academy has a group of female teachers with multilingual command of English, Hindi, Urdu, and other languages. You will face no linguistic barrier while taking courses from our female teachers. The female staff on our team is as qualified and trained as their male counterparts.

    Learn Quran Online with Tajweed - Online Quran classes for Kids, Adults & Ladies

    At Urdu Quran Academy, our goal is to enhance the lives of Muslims by offering a cost-effective and easily accessible approach for both children and adults to learn the Quran online, right from the comfort of their homes. Gaining a complete and profound understanding of the Quranic texts through the study of Tajweed and Tarteel brings immense joy to Muslims.

    That’s why we have committed ourselves to creating the most efficient techniques to help students learn to read and recite the Quran accurately, utilizing interactive online tools that make Quranic education more accessible. Our highly qualified and seasoned teachers will guide you or your children through tailored sessions, bringing the bliss of devotion to the Quran into your home. At Urdu Quran Academy, we take pride in fostering a supportive and engaging learning environment for our students, ensuring a deeper connection with the Holy Quran and its teachings.

    Urdu Online quran academy learn quran online

    Real World Partnerships

    Classes & Workshops

    Urdu Online quran academy learn quran online

    Online Quran Classes with Tajweed For Adults & Ladies

    At Urdu Quran Academy, we understand that the demands of modern life can make it challenging for many Muslims to dedicate ample time to study the Quran. That’s why we offer a variety of ways to learn the Quran online, tailored to your available time, preferred area of interest, and desired type of teacher. Our diverse range of classes can accommodate even the busiest schedules, creating a sanctuary for devotion to the Quran.

    Learning the Quran online with Urdu Quran Academy allows you to experience the comfort that comes from knowing you’re on the righteous path. Our engaging, captivating, and effective classes have gained popularity in over ninety countries worldwide, spreading the love for the Quran. We provide free trial lessons to help you discover the courses and instructors that best align with your Quran learning needs and preferences. Once you’ve identified the ideal teachers and subjects, you can easily register for Quran classes and embark on your spiritual journey with us.

    How to Learn Quran Online in an Engaging and Effective Manner with Urdu Quran Academy?

    The Urdu Quran Academy has brought innovation and advancement in Islamic learning. Our hardworking programming technicians have made it possible to merge Islamic learning with advanced technology. You can take the trial, decide, and enroll yourself or your kid on our portal. Once the registration is done, you can proceed with taking lectures from your home. This keeps your child safe at home, and you can also save the conveyance costs. Our learning network is over 90 countries worldwide, so you can take lessons anywhere. Your teacher can be anyone. Now finding an Arabic, Turkish or Pakistani tutor in America is not something you should worry about.

    Advantages of Learning Quran Online with Urdu Quran Academy

    Advantages of Learning Quran Online with Urdu Quran Academy

    The biggest advantage of learning the Quran from the Urdu Quran Academy is that we provide you with the best teachers worldwide. Now you do not need to worry about finding a competent instructor in your neighborhood. We connect you with qualified professionals that have multilingual expertise. Our staff has Qari, Hafiz, Alim, and Mufti, who can help you learn the Quran using their experience. 

    Simple learning for students of all ages

    Our instructors and teaching platform are compatible with kids as well as adults who do not like technical interfaces or dashboards. The method followed by teachers at the Urdu Quran Academy varies depending on the age of the student. We believe learning the Quran is important for kids, but adults should start religious learning as soon as possible. 

    Free trials before commitment

    The Urdu Quran Academy offers free trials for those people who do not trust easily. We believe in satisfying and opening hearts rather than demanding fees before letting the students know what they are about to learn and how. 

    Trusting the process

    At Urdu Quran Academy, we trust the process as much as we love helping our fellow Muslims to follow the right path. Our teachers pay more attention to slow learners. You will never feel like anything has been skipped because all the Tajweed courses are taught word by word.

    Effective schedule management

    We do not hand schedules to the students but let them decide the timings of their classes. You will forget the outdated methods where you had to change your routine to learn the Quran. Learning the Quran is impossible when you are stressed. We time your classes according to your daily routine. This allows you to manage chores before attending the lectures.

    Regular monitoring

    The Urdu Quran Academy generates constant monitoring reports to check course completion. You can compare your performance with the standard time set by our teachers. This serves as a trustworthy indicator to track where you stand. 

    About us

    The Urdu Quran Academy is a fairly new online learning platform established as a company in 2022. Our management has vast experience in the field of teaching, and this is why our organization has rapidly grown to compete with several other online Quran-teaching websites. 

    If we materialize what we have achieved so far, we proudly mention that we currently have 25 thousand students enrolled. Our teaching faculty has completed over 11 thousand classes, including reading, Tajweed, Tafseer, and detailed translation. Our staff has over 2500 certified teachers who are professionally trained to manage their courses efficiently. The Urdu Quran Academy’s commitment to excellence has won the trust of 95 thousand followers worldwide. 

    Our Happy Students

    Alhamdulillah, I am genuinely grateful for my learning experience with Urdu Quran Academy while living in the USA. As a revert attempting to learn the Quran online, I felt intimidated and confused with various schools, both locally and online, never getting past the pronunciation. Now, I have gained confidence in learning the Quran.


    I am amazed at the progress I've made since joining Urdu Quran Academy. The online classes are convenient, and the instructors are patient and knowledgeable. I feel blessed to have found such an excellent resource for learning the Quran and improving my understanding of Islam.

    Umm Kulthum

    I have been taking Quran memorization classes with Urdu Quran Academy for several years. The courses are of excellent quality. I hope to continue with them as long as possible and encourage others to learn Quran online, experiencing the ease of learning Allah's book with His help.


    Alhamdulillah, Urdu Quran Academy has been a source of spiritual growth and development for me. Their knowledgeable instructors and personalized lessons have allowed me to build a stronger relationship with the Quran. I am grateful for their support and would recommend them to anyone looking to learn the Quran online.


    I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn the Quran online with Urdu Quran Academy. Their dedicated teachers have helped me improve my Tajweed and understanding of the Quran. My journey towards becoming a better Muslim has been made easier with their support.


    Alhamdulillah, I have found great success in learning the Quran with Urdu Quran Academy. Their patient and skilled instructors have guided me through each lesson, ensuring that I progress in my understanding and recitation. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to deepen their connection with the Holy Quran.


    I enrolled my daughter in the online Quran classes offered by Urdu Quran Academy, and it has been a transformative experience for her. She enjoys the engaging lessons and has made great strides in her understanding of the Quran. I am incredibly proud of her progress and grateful to Urdu Quran Academy for their excellent teaching.


    Urdu Quran Academy has been a blessing for me and my family. The online classes have allowed us to learn and grow in our faith, despite our busy schedules. The teachers are knowledgeable and compassionate, making the learning experience enjoyable and rewarding.


    As a woman, I appreciate the Sister-to-Sister learning approach offered by Urdu Quran Academy. Their female instructors are supportive and understanding, creating a comfortable learning environment for me to study the Quran. I am grateful for this opportunity to strengthen my relationship with Allah's word.