About us

The Urdu Quran Academy is a fairly new online learning platform established as a company in 2022. Our management has vast experience in the field of teaching, and this is why our organization has rapidly grown to compete with several other online Quran-teaching websites. 

If we materialize what we have achieved so far, we proudly mention that we currently have 25 thousand students enrolled. Our teaching faculty has completed over 11 thousand classes, including reading, Tajweed, Tafseer, and detailed translation. Our staff has over 2500 certified teachers who are professionally trained to manage their courses efficiently. The Urdu Quran Academy’s commitment to excellence has won the trust of 95 thousand followers worldwide. 

What is Urdu Quran Academy about?

The Urdu Quran Academy is an online platform that provides you with the luxury of exploring Islam by connecting directly to the Holy Quran. Our mission is to guide the Muslim brothers and sisters as per the rules and commandments mentioned in the Holy Quran. We have a team of professionally trained instructors from both genders to make you understand what Allah almighty has told us and the underlying meaning you used to misunderstand. 

What services do we provide?

The Urdu Quran Academy has some generic yet effective courses available on the online portal. You can learn to read the Holy Quran in the form of Qaida initially. Qaida is the building block for other advanced courses. After plain Arabic reading, the next step is tajweed. In Tajweed, we teach you to correctly pronounce each word without tempering its meaning. Qualified Qari teaches all the tajweed courses at the Urdu Quran Academy. 

Our teachers are experts in multilingual courses, so it will be easier for you to understand the translation of each word. We also offer Tafseer courses for those who like understanding the Quran right from the core. We have Ulema in our faculty who have a grip over Tafaseer written by different mufassir. 


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